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The textile industry in Saxony has existed for more than 200 years. The establishment of KSO Textil GmbH in 1997 was an event proving the consistent continuation of this tradition and underlining the commitment to Germany as an industrial location.

Today, KSO Textil GmbH is one of the most performing companies in the three-border region between Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic, in the heart of the European Union.

Using most modern warping and warp-knitting machines, highly qualified and experienced skilled textile workers make products which meet the most demanding requirements of high-quality textiles.

The targeted vocational education of young professionals has always been the basis of a qualified and future-oriented development of the staff and the entire company

Customized Production at KSO Textile GmbH means:

  • Timely delivery by the company-owned vehicle-fleet
  • Highest flexibility in meeting customers´ needs
  • Constant development of the products
  • Certification according to ISO 9001 and Öko-Tex Standard 100

Company Clip




KSO-Textil GmbH is one of the most modern European warping companies for the processing of chemical fibers, which means for the production of beams by direct-warping. With 12 warping machines the company is the market leader in Germany. The combination of warping and warping knitting provides a high flexibility and monitoring of the quality level and is based on know-how and creativity from more than 25 years of company history.

1997 - Foundation of KSO-Textil GmbH with first office on August-Bebel-Strasse 4.
Purchase of 6 old warping machines and 2 old warp knitting machines from the insolvency estate of the predecessor company.

2000 - KSO commissions the 1st new warping machine. From now on, almost every year it is invested in new warping machines.

2004 - Commissioning of the 1st new warp knitting machine (3 m width)

2006 - Construction of a new factory building.
In June, KSO is expanding its production of knitted fabrics with widths of up to 5 meters by commissioning a new warp knitting machine

2006 - until 2015 - The machinery of the warp knitting is expanded to 9 machines.

2008 - Construction of a new storage building

2012 - Construction of a new access to the warp knitting building

2013 - Construction of another new storage building

2016 - KSO expands its fleet with a 6th semi-trailer.

2017 - 20-year company anniversary with an open day on 20.05.2017

2018 - 2019: Commissioning of 2 new warping machines and 1 warp knitting maschine

2020 - Expansion of the storage capacity through the purchase of a warehouse in Zittau

2021 - Commissioning of 1 new warping maschine, 1 new warp knitting maschine and the first knitting machine

2022 - 25-year company anniversary and generation change in the management