Definition warping


Warping is a processing technology in the textile industry which facilitates the preparation of warp knitting and weaving. It involves the process of preparing a multitude of threads – the so-called “yarn sheet”. The yarn of a certain number of threads from spools is brought together on a section warp beam.

Today, warping is still one of the most important ways of preparing material for warp knitting. Professionals say “Good warping is half the knitting”.

The first known way of warping, that is the combination and winding of threads on a wooden roll – the warp beam – had been the base for weaving processes throughout centuries. The first volume warping machine was engineered and built by the Saxon industrialist Louis Schönherr in Chemnitz.

The most recent direct warping machines of our time are up to 55 m long and up to 6 m wide. The creels, more than 33 m long, are fitted with compensation thread beams for each of the approx. 1.600 take-off trigger points, and with a sensory monitoring system.