KSO-Textil GmbH is a textile company established over 25 years ago with own warping, warp knitting and knitting facilities. It is one of the most performing companies in the region in the border triangle with Poland and the Czech Republic in the heart of the European Union.

With most modern warping, knitting and warp-knitting machines, highly qualified and experienced textile workers manufacture products that meet the high demands of high-quality textiles and satisfy individual, customer-specific applications.

KSO-Textil GmbH works in a customer-oriented, innovative and international manner.

production overview


We warp filament yarns as well as monofilament yarns on section warp beams made of:

Polyester PET

Polyamide PA6

Polyamide PA6.6

Polypropylene PP

PET-Recycled Yarn

Endless filament yarns, customized

for processing in warp knitting or stitch bonding plants.

We produce warp knitted and circular knitted fabrics as:

Flags or decoration fabrics



Carrier materials for lamination

Mattress fabrics

Technical Textiles for different application

Or processing in the following areas:






Sun protection

Latest news

14. August 2023As part of the SAB’s Market Introduction Programme Grant ERDF 2021 to 2027, pure high-quality and unique RR knitted fabrics have been introduced to the market for the first time since 02/2023. A new type of production technology is created for the company and a qualitatively new version of the product “KSO – Double Jersey RR” is created for the market. Double jersey knits can be produced in interlock, fine rib and a variety of variations. [...] Read more...